Park amusements "Jump"

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Jump – specification table

«Jump» J-14,85m2,95+0,75m3,5m
«Jump» J-24,85+0,75m5,75m3,5m
«Jump» J-34,85+0,75m8,55m3,5m
«Jump» J-4.14,85+0,75m11,3m3,5m
«Jump» J-4.210,3m5,6+0,75m3,5m
«Jump» J-810,3m11,2+0,75m3,5m

“Jump” is an amusement for the usage in any environment. This can be the seashore and the city park or amusement park. Does not need power! Depending on the location, can be produced from 1 to 16 seats. Only one person is allowed to jump in one net! Safety mats and durable capron net ensure a relaxing stay for all. Trampoline up to 8 places is served by only one operator!