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Electric boats – specification table

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Electric boats or bumper boats with electric motor is a visiting card of our company, which are made almost since the founding, and confidently hold leading positions, and it is more than 15 years. We started from the small electric boat model “Hummingbird”, and now there are ten different models in the production line, and that’s not counting the endless colour combinations.

The main advantages of our products:

  • simple operation, which allows even small captains independently to set a course for this boat.
  • high load capacity of most models, which expands the operational capabilities and provides the absolute safety.
  • almost all models are universal, ie available for children and adults.
  • materials from which our boats are made are the products of the leading companies in this industry, which is used by many companies in the world yacht building.
  • our electric boats packaging arrangement is the most complete, ie immediately after the purchase you can start the operation. In addition, the repair kit of the boat includes the most needed “consumable” materials.
  • according to your order, any model of children’s boat with an electric motor can be made in any combination, sometimes even in the most incredible colours.
Socket for charging on the water enables charging the battery without removing it from the boat, it is convenient, yet it limits the use of the boat. If you want the boat to operate continuously, you need to replace the battery.
Rechargeable battery is the battery supplied in the kit, the battery is “deep” discharge, designed for 4000 cycles “charge - discharge”, and is made by technology AGM, the maximum that protects the environment. Battery with the voltage 12 volts, the capacity - 80 A / h.
The system of remote service and consultation. All possible problems can be easily determined by yourself, make an order over the Internet, and in a few days get in your place all the necessary spare parts.
The digital control system is fitted as standard on our boats, allows the owner of the amusement to control its use, monitors the status of the battery and signals the need to recharge or replace, as well as counts the time of each operating cycle.
Battery charger for the battery is fully automatic, a powerful charger that is best suited for this particular type of battery.
The electric motor installed on the boat, is rated at 12 volts, which reduces the weight of the amusement, because it uses one battery. Engine power is 400 watts.
Load caring capacity.
Dimensions of the product.