Water slides

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Water slides – specification table

Modelmodificationslide lengthwidthheightlengthheight of the launch site
"Shuttle"М10 D10,0m4,0m3,8m
"Shuttle"М7,5TS7,5m +3,5m4,0m4,0m
"Shuttle"M5TS5,2m +3,5m3,0m2,7m
"Shuttle"M3TS3,6m +3,0m2,0m1,8m
"Dragon"М20S15,0m + 5m2,1m5,0m
"Dragon"М15S11,0m + 4m2,1m3,8m
"Hara Kiri"М812,8m2,0m8,0m
"Hara Kiri"М8S12,8m + 6,2m2,0m8,0m
"Hara Kiri"М610,5m2,0m6,0m
"Hara Kiri"М6S10,5m + 5,2m2,0m6,0m
"Kamikaze"М8S14,0m + 6,2m2,0m8,0m
"Kamikaze"М6S11,2m + 5,2m2,0m6,0m
"Amazon"М8S14,5м + 6,2m2,0m8,0m
"Amazon"М7S13,1м + pool5,7m2,0m7,0m
"Amazon"М6S11,7м + pool5,2m2,0m8,0m
"Tsunami"М5 SL6,3m8,0m17,7m5,0m
"Tsunami"М6 SL6,5m8,6m21,5m6,0m
"Tsunami"М7 SL9,4m10,0m25,5m7,0m

Low initial cost, minimal current expenditure on operation, ease of storage and long life. These are the components of a successful investment in inflatable water slides produced by the RIF®. Almost all models of slides that we produce are universal, ie available for children and adults. Only the smallest models of the slides are only for children.

In the production program of the RIF®company there are inflatable slides for every taste and budget. Particular attention should be given to a series of water slides with pool. The work of this series of slides is almost independent of the vagaries of nature, ie they do not depend on the temperature of the water in the pond or on the storm.

To operate an inflatable water slide, you must install the towersupport. When installing the tower-support it is required to take into account that the depth of the water in a place, where the chute of the slide ends, should not be less than 0.7 meters.

Note, that the model of inflatable water slides with index “S” is manufactured together with the pool. This provides extra security during the descent, because your client enters the pool always horizontally, and in front (!) 3-5 meters of water, even if the maintenance staff forgot to check the water level in the pool.

Constant communication with customers enables us to improve our amusements using their experience in the operation and constructive criticism. As a result, we offer you an exceptionally reliable inflatable water slides in the wide range.